Sponsors of Adult Mutual Aid

Our sponsors host links to our website on their forums, blogs, marketplaces, or websites free of charge to help sex workers connect and request aid or donate to sex workers in need. The organizations listed here are supporters of sex workers and are part of our movement to bring mutual aid to the adult industry. We love and care for our sponsors and you should too!

Meet our Amazing Sponsors


Exclusv.Life has partnered with us to give a boost to performers that sign up to the platform through Adult Mutual Aid! Sign ups will receive an additional 5% payout boost for their first year or first $100,000 (whichever comes first!) Exclusv.Life is a newer fanclub platform that has many of the same great options as other existing platforms but the team is dedicated to helping sex workers and providing ways for performers to earn more with referral programs and fantastic subscription tools.

Sign up for Exclusv.Life: Exclusv.Life – 85% Payout for Performers from Adult Mutual Aid


YNOT Mail is a newsletter / email marketing tool made specifically for the adult industry. The team at YNOT is composed of avid sex work supporters and have made consistent efforts to help the adult industry by spreading news, hosting educational events, and recognizing performer achievements.

Learn more about YNOT Mail: The Best Adult Industry Email Marketing Tool 


YNOT Cam is an adult industry news and help site that provides free educational resources and information to performers. Upon contacting Jay Kopita, YNOT Group President, he stated “YNOT loves supporting sex worker initiatives as much as possible. The stronger our community is as a whole, the better it is for everyone. With Adult Mutual Aid being run by people who care deeply about our industry, like we do, we are thrilled to be able to help out where we can.”

Learn more about YNOT Cam: News and Educational Resources for Webcam Models 


Media Support for Adult Mutual Aid

Performers, bloggers, webmasters, and everyone with a platform is important to our mission! A huge thank you to these websites for posting about Adult Mutual Aid. Check them out!


“Have you heard the idea that when you spend money at small, locally-owned businesses, that money is more likely to stay in your local community and benefit your neighbors, as opposed to money which goes to a large corporation and never returns to your community? Well, did you know that when you pay independent sex workers, the same thing is often true…” Read the full post.

Thank you Strange Cares for your kind words!


“One of the ways we can thrive is to connect in community, to support one another in so many ways. We come together with the only other people who get it, who understand the unique challenges we deal with and support each other through it all. We create Discord channels, twitter chat groups, zoom video chats etc. We offer to listen, to hold space, to share anger and frustration, to celebrate wins of every level. We can promote each other’s content and availability with retweets and shout outs. One of the ways that has been missing in our industry is a centralized space for financial support to be shared. Therein lies the beauty of what Aerie Sanders has created in Adult Mutual Aid. She has created a wonderful site where any type of sex worker can ask for help as well as anyone can provide help. It is straightforward, and easy to maneuver to find what is needed. A brilliant collection for support that all current sex workers can make use of.” Read the full post.

Thank you Sultry Miss Em for your kind words!